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Arizona School Grades for 2017 Partially Released

Posted On: 2017-10-09 08:56 AM

Dear Edkey Inc. Families,

Arizona's new A-F Accountability System was designed to empower schools to achieve and increase success for their students. The system provides all publicly funded schools with feedback on areas of strength and those that may need additional focus and enrichment. The system is intended to be utilized to help all publicly funded schools improve student outcomes, communicate with parents to better understand how their school is performing, and to help identify publicly funded schools that may be in need of support.

Federal law dictates that school performance is measured annually and state law requires us to do so using an A-F Letter Grade System. The Arizona State Board of Education was charged with developing a new system to comply with federal and state requirements, while utilizing the opportunity to measure the quality of Arizona schools and districts across a wider range of measures rather than only focusing on student achievement. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction, vehemently opposed the release of this new grading system, and was very vocal about it.

The newly developed system quantitatively measures student proficiency and annual growth in key areas as well as student readiness for whatever is next in their education or career.

Schools earn a letter grade based on a range of metrics including:
  • Proficiency in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science
  • Growth in English Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Proficiency and Growth of English Language Learners
  • High School Graduation Rate
  • Acceleration and Readiness Measures, consisting of several items including reduction of chronic absenteeism and the improved growth of subgroups
  • College and Career Readiness Indicators, including minimum thresholds on ACT/SAT, ASVAB, AP Tests, earning CTE industry credentials, certificates, or licenses.

Every year beginning in 2017, each elementary, junior high, and high school will receive a Letter Grade. These designations will use quantitative and qualitative data to assess performance.

The Letter Grades used are as follows:
A = Excellent
B = Highly Performing
C = Performing
D = Minimally Performing
F = Failing

Edkey Inc. is very proud of all our students and staff. While this system is a good measurement of our academic progress, it does not measure and value culture and climate and the countless hours our dedicated staff invest in the education of our children. WE had schools that received grades all across the spectrum and we will continue to work closely with the Department of Education and the State Board for Charter Schools to maintain or improve our student outcomes. We are proud of ALL of our accomplishments, and we appreciate you choosing Edkey Inc. Schools for your children.

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Mark Plitzuweit
Edkey Inc./Sequoia Schools

Our journey through education is not measured by perfection, but by progress.