Graduation Paths

On-Time Graduation

Students who start with Sequoia Choice as freshmen or come to our school as sophomores generally graduate on time, if they stay with us for the rest of their time in high school. Our on-time graduation rate for such students is extremely high. Our courses are self-paced, so subjects in which students excel can be completed more quickly, while also allowing time for students to catch up in areas in which they need assistance. Our academic advisors and coaches help students stay on track and keep parents informed of student progress.

Graduation Recovery

Sequoia Choice offers a unique opportunity for students who have fallen behind in their graduation progress. We do not turn away students who lack core credits. Instead, we embrace the challenge! We have an academic advisor dedicated to working with such students, to help them get back on track and to graduate either on time or nearly so. Our courses are self-paced, so students who have the grit and determination to do so can catch up with their peers. We also have specialized courses for our graduation-recovery students, allowing them to finish more quickly while still learning all the necessary standards and earning the required credit for each subject area. We cheer especially hard for our graduation-recovery students come graduation time. The rockiest road leads to the greatest triumph.

Graduate Early

With our Early College Credit (add link to appropriate page) program and self-paced online courses, Sequoia Choice students will find that their progress toward graduation is often accelerated. Our ECC students who start taking college courses in their freshmen or sophomore years tend to find that they are finished or nearly finished with their graduation requirements by the end of their junior year. At that point, students and parents have a decision to make. Graduate early? Or continue with ECC for one more year, no strings attached? Every year, we have several juniors and sometimes even a sophomore or two who decide to graduate early. They can then get a head start on their peers with their college or career plans.

Graduation Requirements:

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