Whom We Serve

Motivated Students

Early College Credit
This year 75% our graduating class had already begun their college journey by utilizing our Early College Credit program. Students enrolled in Sequoia Choice may take college courses and apply the credit towards high school graduation. Unlike the majority of the high schools in Arizona, Sequoia Choice pays the tuition for our students who are in good standing.

Accelerated Pace
Motivated students who want to finish early are able to do so within our flexible program. Students at all grade levels K-12, may work through their course work as quickly as they like. Each year Sequoia Choice graduates students who are completing high school one or more years ahead of schedule.

Deep Enrichment
Sequoia Choice courses provide students the opportunity to delve deeper into their courses if they so desire. Many of our teachers offer challenges and other learning experiences beyond what is part of the general course content.

College and Career Focused

Early College Credit
High school students can participate in our Early College Credit program, full-time or part-time. You don’t even have to leave your current school!

Students attend local community colleges (even online through Rio Salado!), and Sequoia Choice covers the cost. The college courses result in college credit and high school credit at the same time!

Enrolled students apply for the Early College Credit program through their Sequoia Choice Advisor or Academic Coach.

For more information, please talk to your school advisor or call our guidance counselor at 480-461-3222.

Journey Courses:

Our Journey course provides students with time to reflect on their likes and dislikes, and their hopes and dreams, allowing them to create an individualized plan for coursework, identify career aspirations, and explore learning opportunities. The journey begins in middle school, and the coursework is updated on a yearly basis throughout the high school and post-secondary years. Students enrolled in a Journey course access support from peers, parents, advisors and/or academic coaches and teachers. As everyone works together, each Journey student will receive the needed support to reach his/her true potential.

Home Learners

Family Focused
Our school understands that many of our families who choose to have their children learn at home do so because they desire a family-centered educational experience. We realize that this can be difficult when a family has children in multiple grade levels. We try to ease the stress of parents having to work with multiple teachers and advisors. If a family has multiple elementary students, all the students will be assigned to the same elementary teacher who is qualified to teach all grade levels. Families who have multiple high school and Middle School students will be assigned to one advisor who will work with each of your children.

Varying Course Load
Many of our home-based learners choose distance learning to compliment the lifestyle of their family. Some of our home-based students are enrolled with us for only one or two subjects because the family has other educational plans for their children. We are able to accommodate those who wish to be part of full time students.

Resilient Learners

Students throughout Arizona choose Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning for many different reasons. We understand that our students have their own circumstances that could make attending schools difficult. We are committed to working with dedicated students who have obligations that require a flexible school experience.

Working Students
A large majority of our older students attend Sequoia Choice while working full or part time. Because we are a distance learning school, students are able to access their courses at any time making school possible while working.

Home-Bound Students
Some of our students have health or physical challenges which can make attending school difficult. Through distance learning, home-bound students are able to receive a quality education that provides the flexibility and availability they need.

Year-Round Students
Traditional schools are available to students for nine months out of the year. We realize that a nine month school year may not give a student the amount of time they need to master the standards. Because we are a year around school, students who need the extra time are granted the extra time.

Credit Recovery Students
Students sometimes get behind in their required credits for high school graduation. One option in getting caught up is to take an online course for credit recovery. Sequoia Choice offers both semesters of all core subjects at any time during the year.