Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a caring environment of high expectations, individualized attention, and great teaching via a distance learning delivery system that is sufficiently adaptable to help K-12 students in traditional and non-traditional educational settings achieve their maximum academic potential and life goals.

Each member of our community accomplishes this mission by:

  1. Knowing each student on a personal and data-driven basis, through conversations, meaningful assessments, and highly interactive teaching;
  2. Promoting a consistent, caring environment of high expectations and accountability, and by creating effective policies, fun incentives, and opportunities for family involvement;
  3. Being an integral part of our learning community, in which students, families, teachers, partnering organizations, and staff share knowledge and support one another;
  4. Using all talents and resources to achieve our mission, with a reflective, teachable, forward-looking attitude of constant renewal;
  5. Preparing students for successful continuing education experiences and careers by allowing them to build individualized, relevant, and creative curricula within a standards-based framework.