« Who can attend Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning?
Arizona residents who are entering Kindergarten through 12th grade who are under the age of 22 may attend for free. Students who live in other states or are 22 may attend by paying tuition.

« Do colleges accept diplomas from Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning?
Colleges around the country have accepted and will continue to accept high school diplomas from Sequoia Choice. There is a catch, however. In order to be widely accepted a diploma must come from an online school that has accreditation from the proper regional board. As long as the curriculum is accredited, colleges are bound to accept diplomas from distance learning schools in the same manner they accept diplomas from traditional schools. Sequoia Choice is accredited by AdvancED.

« Are online classes less challenging than traditional classes?
When looking for an online school, students will find a variety of available curriculum. The benefit is that students may choose the school and curriculum that best fits his/her knowledge and abilities. The courses are Sequoia Choice are written by the teacher who regularly interacts with the students. Just like traditional schools where the teacher can monitor student success and adjust instruction as needed, our teachers also monitor and adjust.

« Are online high schools as expensive as private schools?
Sequoia Choice is an Arizona charter school that is an online school. Our students learn for free. Some private online high schools are costly, but our success rate rivals many of the private schools.

« Do distance learning students get enough socialization?
Many distance learning students connect with friends in their neighborhoods, meet others through community organizations, and participate in outings with other online students. Some of our courses provide the opportunity to interact with students and teachers through message boards, e-mail addresses, virtual classrooms, and supervised live chat.

« Do online students do less work than traditional students?
Our students tend to finish their work faster than students in a traditional classroom largely because they are able to focus without interruption. However, that does not mean they’re doing less. Consider the interruptions in a traditional school student’s day: breaks, transition periods, busy work, waiting for other students to catch up, teachers trying to quiet down the class, etc. Without all of these distractions, online learners can generally accomplish more in less time.

« Who attends Sequoia Choice?
Our school serves many different types of learners. Some of our students are gifted students, students who desire to accelerate their education and graduate early, adult learners and students with special academic interests that are not addressed by their local school.

« What is an Academic Center?
An Academic Center is similar to a Community Resource Center in that it is a place where students use computers to complete their school work. Sequoia Choice has four Academic Centers we run, but are partners with many other organizations throughout the state.

« Why does Sequoia Choice use Academic Centers?
Since it is clear from many studies that high school students tend to drop out of distance learning environments rather quickly (usually distance learning programs are provided to students at home), Sequoia Choice decided to utilize computer based Academic Centers at various locations, manned with Academic Coaches or other staff members to further support students.

« How do I enroll in Sequoia Choice?
Click the Enroll link in the navigation bar or call (480) 461-3222 for assistance.

« What should I do after I enroll at Sequoia Choice?
After you submit an enrollment form, you should submit your immunization records, birth certificate, proof of residency and, if applicable, transcripts from your last school as directed by the website. Within a day you will also receive a call from our registrar to help you complete the enrollment process.