It’s Your Choice: Catch Up or Get Ahead This Summer!

Sequoia Choice—Arizona Distance Learning offers TUITION-FREE, TECHNOLOGY-ASSISTED online summer school.

Catch Up
Graduate on time by making up classes. Students can earn credits off-schedule through competency-based courses that allow them to work as quickly as desired.

Get Ahead
Online summer school is a great way to get ahead and even graduate early without digging into your summer fun.

Earn FREE College Credit
Check off your graduation requirements, explore new subjects and jump start your college career for FREE! You can earn high school credit and college credit at the same time and we will cover the cost!

Fun for Elementary Learners
Summer doesn’t mean the learning has to end. Elementary learners can continue learning over the summer. Plus, we provide all the tools needed to be successful through flexibility, high-level involvement, state-aligned curriculum and personal relationships with teachers.

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Call for more information today!
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