Sequoia Choice / Coder Camps FAQ’s

Q: How do I enroll in Coder Camp? Download the enrollment form from and complete. Send completed enrollment to your advisor for a signature. Your advisor will ensure that Coder Camp gets your enrollment so you can begin your coding education.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites required before taking a Coder Camp class? In order to enroll in a Coder Camp class the student must have successfully completed both semesters of Algebra 1 with a C or better.

Q: Can I get high school credit for Coder Camp classes? Yes, any Sequoia Choice student may complete up to four Coder Camp courses for free while attending Sequoia Choice. For each Coder Camp course completion Sequoia Choice will award .5 elective credit which will count toward graduation. The student will also be assigned a letter grade that reflects the percentage earned through their course work.

Q: If I take all four courses with Coder Camp am I required to sign up for their courses once I graduate high school? No, you are not required to continue your education as a coder, but continuing with Coder Camp is a great way to become a certified junior software developer if this is your area of interest.

Q: Does enrolling in Coder Camp cost anything? For students enrolled in Sequoia Choice the first four coding classes are free. The only obligation is that attendance for the course is recorded regularly.

Q: What kind of computer do I need for these courses? For the first course just about any computer will work. For the 2nd-4th course a more powerful machine may be needed. The minimum requirements are a series 6-i5 processor with at least 8GB RAM. Students who attend school at a Sequoia Choice lab will have access to the necessary computer once the successfully complete the first semester course.

Q: How long is each course? The expected time to complete each semester course is about 90 hours. A semester is 18 weeks making the average weekly time commitment to be between 5-6 hours.

Q: Can my student work on their Coder Camp course at any time? Yes, students can work at any time, and the help desk at Coder Camp is available from 8-8 M-F and 8-5 on Saturday and Sunday, excluding holidays.

Q: What happens if I finish the first four coding courses, and I still have some time left before I graduate? The first four courses are offered free of charge. If a student has successfully completed the first four courses, they may dual enrolled with Coder Camp and Sequoia Choice and the next courses may be started once the tuition is paid.

Q: How much will Coder Camp cost if I decide to continue? Coder Camp sets their tuition. For each of the semester courses a Sequoia Choice student completes while in high school the tuition is discounted 10%. For a Sequoia Choice student who completes all four free semesters, Coder Camp will scholarship 40% of the tuition.

Q: Why are Sequoia Choice and Coder Camp working together? Sequoia Choice has a long history of offering college credit to our students who are college bound. It has been a desire to also offer some vocational educational opportunities as well. Our agreement with Coder Camp is making this desire a reality.

Q: When can I begin my Coder Camp course work? Our kickoff date is June 12, 2017. After the kickoff students may start their Coder Camp course work at any time.