K-6 Curriculum

Sequoia Choice Elementary curriculum aligns with the state standards, and is designed to be easy for our families to use. The curriculum for each of the core academic areas offers parents a choice. We offer a blended model of book work as well as on-line activities. Since parents are highly involved in the weekly planning of their child’s academics, the make-up of the activities vary to meet the learning style of the individual child.

We highly value parent input in a tangible way unique to only Arizona Distance Learning. If a family would like to use a curriculum that varies from what we offer, we offer choice. Parents may work with their teacher to determine if an alternative curriculum meets state standards and the needs of their child. Once the alternative curriculum is assessed by the AzDL teacher and is deemed a suitable choice, then the family may begin to use their chosen curriculum. Alternative curriculums may be eligible for a reimbursement.
The teachers of Sequoia Choice have spent countless hours selecting the best curriculum for our home-based elementary learners. The selection process involved evaluating available curriculums, speaking with parents, and determining the capability with home-based learning.

Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar:

books_reading-streetReading Street
Reading Street provides an all-inclusive approach to all components of the Language Arts. Each week’s learning is built around a central theme which pulls together all aspects of instruction. The opportunities for inventions and enrichment run deep within this program. Teachers work with families to find the best path for each student including online components that are housed in the same system as the online math elements.

books_envision-mathenVision Math
Pearson’s envision math meets the expectations of our families who have used Saxon, Singapore Math and just about every other math textbook in circulation. This math program provides spiral review, hands-on learning, and deep exploration into the reasons behind math to increase student understanding. Available for each lesson is video lessons and additional resources to increase student success.

books_science-fusionScience Fusion
Science Fusion is designed to build inquiry, STEM, and is optimized for learning at home. Students are given both the book and digital curriculum. The digital curriculum provides students with virtual labs and hand-on activities that develop important thinking skills.

books_history-bookSocial Studies:
Macmillan McGraw-Hill Social Studies provides standards-based content, developed from the latest research and organized around the themes of Social Studies. The program integrates reading support in every lesson and instills citizenship through real-life role models.