Sequoia Online Learning Center (SOLC)

Location and Directions:
Sequoia Online Learning Center
Full address:
4425 W Olive Avenue, Suite 201, Glendale, AZ 85302
Phone: 602-559-9999

Student learns at Sequoia Online Learning Center (SOLC)
About Sequoia Online Learning Center (SOLC)
The students at SOLC are each unique. Each student is able to grow academically as they need to. The individualized opportunities are limitless. We offer an unconventional academic platform with a reduced classroom size that allows our students to set an individualized pace for course completion and graduation.

Student learns at Sequoia Online Learning Center (SOLC)
Academic Coach: Erica Zmyslinski
Erica Zmyslinski or Mrs. Z has worked in the academic field for over 11 years in many different positons. AS the Academic Coach for TRC, she helps the students define their academic goals, and creates the roadmap to achieving them. Mrs. Z is able to design just the right path for each student regardless of their previous school experiences. Mrs. Z has a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Ashford University.

Student learns at Sequoia Online Learning Center (SOLC)
The Students at SOLC
Many students who enroll at SOLC need the flexibility of online classes. In one classroom the 7th-12th grade students are working to get ahead, completing credit recovery or taking a reduced number of courses. The SOLC students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but all feel welcome and safe. Whether a student plans to stay at SOLC for a few weeks or a few years, those who work hard will leave with some high school credit completed.

Student learns at Sequoia Online Learning Center (SOLC)
SOLC: Beyond the Academics
The students at SOLC work together for the good of the group. In the last year the students have experienced the Game Truck, FX Makeup, Polar Ice, and other events. If the students want an event, they work together.

Leadership roles are also available to students. Mrs. Z works to create leadership opportunities, and the students are proud of what they are able to accomplish. When a student desires to grow as a leader the environment at SOLC will afford them the opportunity.

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