FREE K-12 New “Normal” Social-Emotional Learning Course Summer 2020


It is the pleasure of Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning (AZDL) to offer a FREE online learning opportunity to support children in developing emotional health and resiliency as they adjust to the effects of COVID-19.

We realize that learning at home has taken an emotional toll on many children.  For this reason we offer an anxiety and judgment-free, self-paced course for students to help them successfully navigate changes to their social and educational environments.

These courses are designed with the 5 Domains of Social-Emotional Well-Being in mind.  By building awareness of their own emotional capacities children are empowered to better navigate change and unexpected events that tend to induce feelings of insecurity and vulnerability.  Because these courses are “independent study”, parents of younger children are encouraged to be their child’s partner.

Students in grades 3-12 living in Arizona will have access to an online teacher to assist as needed and Arizona high school students can earn half an Elective credit for completion of their course.

To access the FREE independent study course please do the following:

For students in grades 3-12 living in Arizona please click HERE to enroll.

For K-2 students in Arizona and students living outside of Arizona, please click HERE, then click on “Go to Classroom”, then click on the “+” sign in the upper right hand corner, then click on “Join class”, then enter your child’s grade-appropriate code below, and then click “Join”:

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: ehu3246

3rd Grade-6th Grade: 2h65bzi

7th Grade-8th Grade: vxg6yva

High School: bxrtex7