Scholarship Websites

Resources to help new students applying for financial aid or scholarships.

There are two types of scholarships: private and institutional. The private scholarships are generally given by foundations, companies, churches, or other organizations. These can have any criteria for receiving the scholarship: write an essay, be a volunteer, or draw a poster, and so forth. In addition, there are usually academic criteria as well, such as minimum GPA and test scores.

Institutional scholarships come from the college or university you apply to. These usually depend solely on academic factors, but occasionally may have more criteria added.

Arizona Community Foundation: Matches students with 70+ scholarships in one application

Pay4CollegeArizona: A guide for Arizona students in how to get funding for college; includes College Goal Sunday, a program to help students fill out the FAFSA

FastWeb : A free scholarship search engine

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Guide to Federal Student Aid

ASU’s Scholarship Calculator


The College Board’s Scholarship Search Page


CollegeNet Mach 25

Flinn Scholars Program

GoodCall’s Scholarship Search