Graduation Plans & Diploma Information

Sequoia Choice offers two diploma options:

The Standard Diploma is the most flexible. It prepares students with a general background suited for entering the workforce or enrolling in a community college or a trade/technical school. This diploma requires 22 credits.

The Academic Diploma is the most academically rigorous program and is intended for students who want to enter a four-year college or university directly after high school. This diploma requires 23 credits, including more rigorous math and science courses and two years of a foreign language.

Diplomas are awarded to students who have fulfilled all graduation requirements and received their final grades. Sequoia Choice holds a full graduation ceremony annually in Mesa, Arizona at the end of the school year. Graduates who cannot attend the ceremony receive their diplomas by mail. We will loan caps and gowns to all of our graduating students who do not purchase their own.

Grad Plans for each Diploma:

Standard Diploma (pdf) (spreadsheet)

Academic Diploma (pdf) (spreadsheet)

If you have any questions relating to your graduation progress, please contact your advisor or academic coach.

Sequoia Choice – Arizona Distance Learning uses the following Grade Scale:

Grade Scale Points Description
A 90 – 100 4.0 Excellent
B 80 – 89 3.0 Above Average
C 70 – 79 2.0 Average
D 60 – 69 1.0 Below Average
F 0 – 59 0 Fail
P 70 – 100 N/A Pass
NC 0 0 No Credit
RT N/A N/A Retake
W N/A N/A Withdrawn
Inc/IP N/A N/A Incomplete/In Progress