Why Sequoia Choice?

Making the Educational Choice for Your Child
When parents are making educational choices for their child they often wonder what distinguishes one school from another. We believe that Sequoia Choice is different from any other distance learning school for many reasons. Please take a few minutes to compare AzDL Elementary with other distance learning schools.

Our Teachers
While every distance learning school can say that their teachers are certified and highly qualified, we can confidently say that our teachers care greatly for each of their students. Our teachers strive to enhance the learning of each student by knowing each of their students. They communicate with the parents and the student. Our teachers are involved in the education of your child as much as you desire. They offer one-on-one and group on-line tutoring, regular phone and on-line conferencing, and assignment feedback that pertains to your child. Our teachers will take the time to put a smiley-face on a paper or contact you if a concept needs to be re-taught. While many on-line schools meet with parents in groups or send mass emails letting students know how they are doing, our teachers prefer the individualized, personal touch because each teacher is responsible for the performance of each of their students.

We Are Local
Many distance learning schools are part of a much larger national organization. The majority of their curriculum, policies, and procedures come from a large corporate office that strives to meet the needs of thousands of students. Sequoia Choice is a local school, and operates only in Arizona. The development of our curriculum, policies and procedures come directly out of our office in Mesa.. Your child’s teacher is a contributing member of the curriculum development, and the decision-making process. Their input is invaluable because of their on-going connections with their parents and students. In other words, we are able to adjust when necessary, based on what we feel is best for our students at all times.

Provided Materials
Sequoia Choice provides choice in what your student needs to be a successful student. We provide curriculum and teachers. We also have a reimbursement policy that allows for curricular choice, purchase of technology, and the subsidizing of extra-curricular activities. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of our reimbursement policy, read it completely, and ask questions if they need clarification. More information about our reimbursement policy is located in the policy portion of our website.
Parent Reimbursement Form.pdf