The Purpose
The purpose of assessing, testing, and evaluation is to take a careful look at student achievement to allow for adjustment if needed. Each student learns at their own rate, and sometimes various concepts can be tricky and hard to grasp. It is not designed as a way to catch someone not performing; it is designed to be a piece of the puzzle in charting each child’s individual educational path. All students are expected to participate in all forms of accountability.

Weekly Attendance
Attendance is one way we are able to determine if students are engaging in their school work as we expect they should. Students are held accountable for regular attendance whether they are home-based or learning at one of our academic centers.

Parents of home-based students are expected to log their attendance at the end of each week. Attendance is logged through our on-line attendance system. Attendance is representative of the time students spend learning each week. Full time elementary and high school students are expected to log 25 hours, and Middle School students are expected to log 30 hours of attendance each week.

Students who attend at one of our academic centers are expected to be in attendance each school day. Hours at each lab vary to meet the needs of the local population. Academic coaches report weekly attendance for all students.

Benchmark Testing
Benchmark assessments are taken four times a year (beginning, middle, and end) to identify and monitor the growth of student learning throughout the school year. The results of the benchmark tests guide our teachers in the instruction of their students. Often a student’s assignments in his or her course will be changed based on what the benchmarks tell us. Some students experience a reduced assignment load, while others may work with their teachers to fill in any gaps they may have.

State Testing
Any student who attends a publicly funded school must participate by taking the standardized test as required by the state of Arizona. The test is designed to measure proficiency of the Arizona College Career Ready Standards in math, reading and writing. This assessment is required by state and federal law, and is a requirement for graduation.